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Elizabeth Beck is a writer, artist and teacher who lives with her family on a pond in Lexington, Kentucky. Her third book, a collection of ekphrastic poems, “Painted Daydreams” will be published by Accents Publishing mid-2019. Elizabeth achieved her B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati and her M.Ed. from Xavier University. She is an award-winning English and Art History teacher. During her time at Withrow High School, she founded “The Tracks” Literary Magazine. She is the proud recipient of an Artist Enrichment Grant through The Kentucky Foundation for Women. November 2011, Elizabeth founded The Teen Howl Poetry Series that serves the youth of Central Kentucky. In 2015, she founded Leestown OUT LOUD Spoken Word group in her capacity as Speech and Drama Teacher at Leestown Middle School.

insignificant white girl by B. Elizabeth Beck

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Unflinching could be one way to describe this debut collection. Raw could be another, as these unfiltered poems are thick with the pulp of anger and cast a narrative that stings. There is a mess that an uncle and a father and fort-building, prep-school boys could make of a girl’s body, but after, there is also the truth and what it can wield. Here, you will not find perfect poems, no, but you will find a perfect kind of courage, a bravery that quite unpredictably signs off with something any survivor would do well to learn: “Live well. The cliché is true. It is the best revenge.” –Nickole Brown, author of Sister

In her inaugural full-length collection, Elizabeth Beck proves herself an earnest and courageous new voice. insignificant white girl kaleidoscopes through a spectrum of emotion rooted in agonizing depths of cloistered pain. Reflective, instructive, and intimate, these poems lament, luxuriate, and sometimes they just let loose and howl. Beck unflinchingly empties every pocket and drawer, cracks up every floorboard, committed to not only exploring but living alongside the specters of her past. –Bianca Spriggs, Affrilachian Poet; author of Kaffir Lily

In insignificant white girl, Elizabeth Beck provides compelling witness to the violence–and its tragic after-effects–that too many girls suffer, without the ability to give it this kind of important voice. In stunning imagery, Beck sheds light on what can only be called crimes against humanity. –Sue William Silverman, author of Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You

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