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B. Elizabeth Beck is the author of the Summer Tour Trilogy and four collections of poetry, including Mama Tried (Broadstone Books, 2022), Painted Daydreams: Collection of Ekphrastic Poems (Accents Publishing, 2019), and Interiors (Finishing Line Press, 2013). Her debut collection of short stories will be published by Accents Publishing in 2024. A retired teacher, Elizabeth founded Teen Howl Poets in 2011, which serves the youth of central Kentucky with a monthly open mic series. Nominated several times for a Pushcart Prize, Elizabeth’s collection of poems, Mama Tried won the Book Festival Award for Poetry.

Insignificant by B Elizabeth Beckinsignificant  by B. Elizabeth Beck

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Unflinching could be one way to describe this debut collection.  Raw could be another, as these unfiltered poems are thick with the pulp of anger and cast a narrative that stings.  There is a mess that an uncle and a father and fort-building, prep-school boys could make of a girl’s body, but after, there is also the truth and what it can wield.  Here, you will not find perfect poems, no, but you will find a perfect kind of courage, a bravery that quite unpredictably signs off with something any survivor would do well to learn: “Live well.  The cliché is true.  It is the best revenge.” –Nickole Brown, author of “Sister”

In insignificant, Elizabeth Beck provides compelling witness to the violence–and its tragic after-effects–that too many girls suffer, without the ability to give it this kind of important voice. In stunning imagery, Beck sheds light on what can only be called crimes against humanity. –Sue William Silverman, author of Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You

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