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Paula Anne Yup grew up in the southwest in a family of modest means. The poem “Waiting” got triggered after a conversation with her sister. She has no recollection of the incident, but she remembers longing for a Raggedy Ann doll which she never got and longing for a trip to the Grand Canyon which she eventually got as an adult.

Her mother-in-law insists she lives in the past while her husband is equally insistent that she has a shallow memory. She does have flashbacks caused by bad events in a difficult childhood. Also, learning problems have her struggling with her daily life. She is grateful for her college education and loves to read, to draw and to knit.

Sometimes she feels bitter about her life circumstances, but she can’t deny that life is an adventure full of surprises.

Making a Clean Space in the Sky by Paula Yup
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Paula Yup is a poet of vision and reflection whose verse is accessible and quietly profound. The poems in Making a Clean Space in the Sky cast a collective spell and illuminate life, love, and loss. — Wally Lamb, author of The Hour I First Believed

These are quotidian poems out of an exotic locale to most of us, Majuro, The Republic of the Marshall Islands. Though “as easy as prose,” as Robert Lowell said of his last collection of poems, like his they arrest, linger in memory as Paula Yup writes a “waterfall of words / which I must drink.” — Parker Towle, author of Weather Is No Womb

In Making a Clean Space in the Sky, Paula Yup immerses her readers powerfully in a personal past scarred by abuse and self doubt. But through these revelations of pain also come a forgiveness and a tenderness, an embracing of the self and the other. Sometimes using an innovative syntax, sometimes just telling it like it is, but with a subtlety, craft and control that captivates you, she reveals many levels of awareness at once. — Rustin Larson, author of Crazy Star and The Wine-Dark House

Paula Yup’s poetry is full of vivid scenes and strong emotion, tempered with a unique sense of humor that softens the hurt of being human. Even though she now feels the exile of Pacific island life, her past years in diverse cultures—Phoenix, Tokyo, Woods Hole, Spokane—make her sharp eyes focus clearly. — Elinor Benedict, author of All That Divides Us and Late News from the Wilderness

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