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Stephen Park

Steve Park, the Southern California author of ‘The Good Boy’, ‘Short Stay’, and ‘Bobby Joe has a Bad Day’, was made to be aware that he had talent as a writer by his eleventh grade English teacher. Held after class, Steve was told that he had turned in a story that was very well done, in fact, it was not only better than the other students in his class, the teacher informed him that he wrote better than the teachers who worked at the high school and that he should seriously consider a career as a writer.
Working as a volunteer in the Agape House, a government sponsored center to give youth an alternative to drugs and street life, Steve learned that there were people who had suffered traumatic childhood abuse who needed help. He went to college, got a career, and worked for over twenty-five years for the California Department of Mental Health as a Licensed Psychiatric Technician.
Steve learned that eighty-five percent of the patients he worked with had been abused and neglected since childhood. He also learned that, according to Prevent Child Abuse America in 2003, the abuse of defenseless children costs Americans 94 Billion a year.
Steve went to work in the Psych. field in order to help this world be a better place, by helping people. Realizing the problem was much bigger than he originally thought, Steve endeavored to write in order to let his fellow Americans know how bad the problem is, and how abuse and neglect is the cause of the dysfunctional members of our society in our prisons, mental hospitals, gangs, and the homeless living under our bridges with their shopping carts.
Hitler, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein were victims of abuse. From that perspective, we see that the victims of abuse have dictated the history of the human race as far back as history will take us.

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