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Tom Boswell is a writer, photographer and community organizer residing in Wisconsin.
His poetry has appeared in the Atlanta Review, Rattle, Poet Lore, The Potomac Review, Two Thirds North and other journals, as well as the anthology New Poetry from the Midwest 2017 (New American Press).
He has won national competitions judged by Tony Hoagland, Luis Alberto Urrea and Robert Cording. A previous chapbook, Midwestern Heart, won the Codhill Poetry Chapbook Award.

Co-Winner of the 2017 Helen Kay Chapbook Prize

Neighbors Poems by Tom Boswell

Cover art and author sketch by Aaron Bos-Wahl

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“Neighbors live all around you yet no one is anyone you expect. This collection of poems reminds us of the monsters, the mundane, and the magnificent folks who live next door, across the street, and at the edge of town. As familiar as the flat horizons of the Midwest and as startling as glancing over little white roadside crosses and seeing your own name, these lines sharpen your gaze on what surrounds you unnoticed every day. “Long live the dandelions!” Take a look.”

Eric Paul Schaffer, author of A Million-Dollar Bill

“In Neighbors, Tom Boswell lays bare the hidden underside of a seemingly bucolic small town and the complex, often tormented inner lives of its residents. Boswell’s poems focus a cold but compassionate eye on sharply observed, revelatory moments that unlock layers of complex, buried meanings, often poignant, sometimes horrific. A poem like “Visitation” illuminates a passing moment as if in a camera flash, capturing unsuspected depths and ironies as complex as a Chekhov short story compressed into eighteen lines. These unassuming poems pack a wallop as incendiary as cluster bombs.”

– Timothy Walsh, author of When the World Was Rear-Wheel Drive​

Read: ”The Neighbor” 13, “The Potter” 13, “The rental next door” 15, “The Serviceberry” 16, Evening Street Review No 19

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