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DIY Prison Project​

Honoring authors who have lost their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our idea is to showcase the work of prisoners whether we publish their work in Evening Street Review or not. To that end we have a committee made up of prisoners headed by Matthew Mendoza, whose title for his chapbook inspired the name of this project. For privacy reasons, we will not use prison numbers or locations on this page.

When we receive submissions from prisoners, we pass them on to the committee for comment and possible acceptance for publication on this page. Acceptances are then considered for publication in Evening Street Review

A former prisoner and successful author, Ace Boggess, has consented to assist with the project.

Prisoners whose work has appeared or will appear in Evening Street Review:

Works accepted by the DIY Prison Project reviewers:

Support the DIY Prison Project


  • ​Stephen Park
  • Jeanne & Leo Feeney​
  • Christy Wise
  • Mitzi Kirkbride
  • Howard Wolf

Other work appears in links above by author and

Other work can be located by clicking the name of the author's work in the list above

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