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Helen Kay Chapbook Poetry Prize

The prize is $200 plus 25 copies to the winner for a manuscript of original poetry (some of which may be previously published) not to exceed 35 pages. Submissions accepted year round, the contest ending on Dec 31 each calendar year. The previous year’s winner will be announced on March 1 of the following year.  We reserve the right not to name a winner.

Manuscript Requirements

  • mss. can be submitted either by regular mail or by e-mail
  • must contain between 20 and 35 pages of poetry, typed (double or single spaced) with pages numbered and include a table of contents
  • an acknowledgments page should be included if relevant
  • name, address, phone number, and e-mail address should appear on the title page
  • SASE for results–manuscripts will not be returned
  • accepted manuscripts, if not submitted electronically, will require re-submission via e-mail

Reading Fee​

The reading fee is $15. It includes a copy of Evening Street Review. Use the button below or mail check or money order to: 2881 Wright St, Sacramento, CA 95821

Multiple & Simultaneous Submissions

You may submit more than one manuscript. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but we must be informed immediately if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

A reading fee is required for each chapbook submitted.

 e-mail to: editor@eveningstreetpress.com  

We reserve the right not to name a winner.



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