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Helen Kay Chapbook Poetry Prize

The prize is $200 plus 25 copies to the winner for a manuscript of original poetry (some of which may be previously published) not to exceed 35 pages. We reserve the right not to name a winner. Submissions cancelled for 2023 

Manuscript Requirements

  • mss. can be submitted either by regular mail or by e-mail
  • must contain between 20 and 35 pages of poetry, typed (double or single spaced) with pages numbered and include a table of contents
  • an acknowledgments page should be included if relevant
  • name, address, phone number, and e-mail address should appear on the title page
  • SASE for results–manuscripts will not be returned
  • accepted manuscripts, if not submitted electronically, will require re-submission via e-mail
  • Read submission comments by the editor

Reading Fee​

The reading fee is $15. It includes a copy of Evening Street Review

Multiple & Simultaneous Submissions

You may submit more than one manuscript. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but we must be informed immediately if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

A reading fee is required for each chapbook submitted.

 e-mail to: editor@eveningstreetpress.com  (email preferred)

We reserve the right not to name a winner.

Submissions cancelled for 2023 


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