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Evening Street Review, NUMBER 17, Autumn 2017

Issue: Number 17, Autumn 2017


By the Advisory Editor Occasional Notes: Memorial    6

Neglected Help: Nowhere     162

Cover: Rodolfo Belloli blended with Sacramento sunset photo by Gordon Grigsby

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, James De Monte, Kailen Nourse, Aaron Stypes, Patti Sullivan

Contributors: 167


Judith Sinclair Brussels Burning 14
Ace Boggess The Morals of Marv’s Back Room 67
Logan Wells Have You Seen Me? 104
Elizabeth Gauffreau A Little Madness in the Spring 127
Eric Levy The Bipolar Room 148


Franz Weinschenk  The Sprint For Life And Death 30
Jordan Gosselin It’s On Us   42
Vincent J. Tomeo   Our Prearranged Funerals   59
Pamela Simon  The Evidence    88
Cathy Krizik   Voyeur    95
Anthony J. Mohr Double Play    156


Christopher Kuhl On the Edge Inside front cover
Robert Fillman Once by the Atlantic  12

Jerry Bradley Chicken  27

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky Decrescendo of a Musicologist  28
Gloria Heffernan I Think of Irma  34

Kaddish for My Sister  36
The Prodigal’s Sister  37
She Weeps for Camelot  39
Sniper Fire  40

Michelle Brooks Camp Bowie at Night  41
Anna Citrino Luisa’s Story  48

The Cut Gaetano’s Fear  50
Luisa Explains How it Happened  53
The Way it WasGaetano’s Prayer  56
Gaetano’s Dream  57
Luisa Alone  58

Donna Reis My Father’s Secret Life  61
Paul Genega Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick  62
Lisa Charnock Cold Frosty Morning  64

Sweet Blues / Coming from a Black Man’s Soul  65
Trail Notes  66

Lucinda Watson Diagnosis  78
Donna L Emerson Edges  79

To My Son, Home From College  80
Ending War  82
Jay Carson Cuts  83
When I’m Late  84

Anna Halberstadt What Makes Us Human  86

Helen Wickes Big Shots  90
About Young Phil  91
That Pietà You’ve Stashed Away  92
Calling 911  93
Slip-Sliding Down Again  94

Ann Robinson The Hidden Art  99

Let Us Now Pay Homage to the Sky  100
Los Angeles  101
Recitals  102
Joshua Tree National Park  103

Laurie Sewall Seeds Above Cupola  117
Mark Belair Taking Shelter  118

The Basketball  119
The Veteran  121
setting the watch  122
Beach Fog  123

Patricia McMillen Seven Ways of Listening to a Crow  124

What We Stand For  125
M. Doretta Cornell On the Bus From Cleveland  126

Laura Schulkind I Remember Her Now  146
Stephanie Kaplan Cohen I’d Like to Kick the Glitter  152

We All Got Tickets to the Truth  153
Rochelle Jewel Shapiro May in Great Neck  154
Public Phone Booth  155

Darren C. Demaree Trump as a Fire without Light  252  Inside back cover

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