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Evening Street Review NUMBER 10, Spring 2014

Issue: Number 10, Spring 2014


By the Editor Occasional Notes: Terence, This Is Stupid Stuff A. E. Housman  6

Neglected Help: Robert Lowell, Charles Bukowski, Sara Teasdale 103

Cover: Minotauromachy, 1935 Pablo Picasso

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, Steve Abbott, James De Monte

Contributors: 109


Dinah Cox                 The Dot  55

Donna Spector            The Jesus Year  68

Jessica Gregg             “When Vivian Greer Came to Sing”       86

Raymond Gaston       One Hour   99


Stephanie E. Dickinson Young Widows of Whalebone  9

Gail MacDonald         Digital Heartbreak Still Hurts    80


Some Selections from Poetry Contest Submissions

Helen Kay Chapbook

  Marilyn Cavicchia

    Barbara, Driver, Chrysler Town & Country  21

    Justin, Driver, Chevy Volt  22

    Lauren, Driver, Mazda 3     23

    Julie, Driver, Ford Taurus Wagon 25

    Robert, Driver, Buick LeSabre 26

    Marjorie, Driver, Cadillac DeVille 29

    Nancy, Driver, Toyota Avalon  30

  Lucia May

Blond Boy  32

   Blond Boy and the Plan for Eastern Europe (Generalplan Ost)    33

    Blond Boy and the Weaker Sex   35

    Burglar  36

    Don’t Forget   37

    Hunger   38

    Reunion Retreat  39








Sinclair Book Length

Anita S Pulier

    Guilty by Association     40

    Regrets     41

    Recycling Mink   42

    Airless   43

    The New Math    44

    Local Sluts    45

    Just in case   46

Judy Ireland

     Growing Girls in Iowa    47

    My Father Voted for Nixon  48

    Arguing about Chaos   49

    Lot’s Wife   50

    Snowbirds    52

    My Sisters in Iowa    53

    Farm Woman with Shotgun     54

Other Poetry

Toni Ortner                 History of Loss     66

Harriet Shenkman      Laying Stones on a Grave  79

Mark J. Mitchell         San Francisco Sestina on a Found Theme    89

Inez Geller                  A Dostoevsky Heart    91

Jennifer L. Freed       Words for my Father   92

Time Lapse    95

Passage      96

Klezmer       97

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