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Evening Street Review, NUMBER 11, Autumn 2014

Issue: Number 11, Autumn 2014


RACHEL CARSON, SILENT SPRING, 1962. From 2002 edition: “Introduction,” Linda Lear  6

Trying to Clear the Air II

Theo Colborn, Our Stolen Future, 1997 Letter to the President, October 2012 124

Cover photo: Columbia River Gorge from Portland inland between Oregon and Washington, where my grandfather worked for a while after 1913 helping to build the Columbia River Highway along the Oregon side, one of the first “scenic road” constructions in the United States. Thirty or so years later I took a bus from Portland to Hood River and hitchhiked back to Spokane and Idaho to go back east. It was still beautiful—Editor

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, Steve Abbott, James De Monte

Contributors: 130


Natalie (Pepa) Taylor   Some Sunday Morning 14

Sharon Mauldin Reynolds     Daughters of DES 36

Elisabeth F.Venetiou     Burning Cane 61

Joel Ensana    Summer 1943 95

William Siavelis    Citizen Yiayia 112


Alex Neely    No Borders 27

Barbara Adams    The Huguenots and the Communists 48

Howard Wolf    My Mother’s World 76

Julia Nunnally Duncan   Patricia 103


Anele Rubin     Walking Downtown 23

Donna Coffey    Robotic Hysterectomy 24

Ed O’Dwyer    His 26

Stephanie Brown    City and Son, Far from Home 30

 Blood Moon 31

 Everyday Heroes 33

There Will Be No Headline About You and Me 35

Bill Christophersen    What I Heard 45

Emily Wall News    from the Uterus 46

Jeffrey C Alfier    Ranchero 47

Joan Fishbein    Apart Together 58

Echoes 59

 Ipso Facto 60

Margaret Vidale    Late Life Joys 72

Miriam Weinstein    On Looking 73

Sheryl L Nelms    Parkinson’s 74

Vincent Tomeo    The Storm, October 29th 2012 75

John T. Hitchner    For You in Our Autumn 89

Patrice Pinette Chauvet    The Cave of Forgotten Dreams 90

Dark Energy 92

Chuck Salmons    Merlot 94

Paul Hostovsky    The Bad Guys 100

To the Lady Who Gave Out Pencils on Halloween 101

 Lloyd 102

L B Miller    Warrior 107

 The Exiles 108

 After the Journey 109

 The Eight  110

 Over the Winter 111

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