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Evening Street Review, NUMBER 12, Spring 2015

Issue: Number 12, Spring 2015


By the Editor Occasional Notes: Matilda Joslyn Gage 6

Neglected Help: Independent Thinkers: Emily Dickinson and Robinson Jeffers   104

Cover: “PHILADELPHIA SKYLINE Silhouetted against the twilight of evening, the fabulous modern skyline of Philadelphia rises into the night. Photo: Greg Benson”

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, Steve Abbott,  James De Monte, Intern: Kailen Nourse

Contributors: 108


Jan Bowman   Kindness   38

Paul Hostovsky   Staring at the Blind   56

Julee Newberger   Missing Parts   66

Christina Guillen    Thoreau and the P.O.   85

William Siavelis   The Greek Suitor   94




Winner: Patti Sullivan: At the Booth Memorial Home For Unwed Mothers 1966

Post Summer Blues   12

The Stories They Tell   13

Along Comes Mary   15

Home Away from Home at 17   17

Visiting Hours   18

The Most Beautiful Dress in the World   20

Going Over   21

Limbo    23

Forget About It—Why Can’t You   25

Notes on the Booth Memorial Home   26


Finalist: Peggy Trojan, Home Front: Childhood Memories of WWII

Home Front   28

Pen Pal    29

Bible Study   31

The Holocaust   32

Roosevelt Dies   33




Finalist: Annette Opalczynski, Friends and Family

Them    34

Killing Flies   35

The Walk Home   36


Sharon Lask Munson  Marriage 1950   52

Sheryl L Nelms      Grandma Carey’s Bavarian China   53

Stripping Cotton   54

William Miller   Black Sharecroppers, 1930   60

Lianne Spidel   Instead of Me   62

Sue Ring deRosset   Wapiti Women   64

Neal Dwyer   The Violin Bridge   65

Laura Sweeney   Why I Enrolled in Graduate

 School   83

Nathan Whiting   July Returns after a Shiver   84

Jena Smith   Coming of Age in the

Twentieth Century   88

The Conductor   90

Ronald Moran   Betty Jean   92

Judith Sornberger     Beneath the Sugar Maple, Late October   93

Penelope Scambly Schott   Confidence    101

Why I Got Up at 4:30 a. m and Flew Across the Country to Help You Babysit Your Grand-daughters   102


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