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Evening Street Review, NUMBER 13, Autumn 2015

Issue: Number 13, Autumn 2015


By the Advisory Editor Occasional Notes: Speak to Me. Speak. And Let Me See 6

Neglected Help: A Book Called You and the Universe   141

Cover photo: Gordon Grigsby “Olentangy River, Mt Air, OH”

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, James De Monte, Kailen Nourse

Contributors: 143


Ann Mallen   Mauve   26

Anne Hosansky   B O N I T A   114

Carter Schwonke   Skin   129


Pamela L. Laskin   MY MOTHER, MY STONE:  Growing up

with a Mentally Ill Mother   9

Nancy Barnes    Swimming in South Africa   48

Katherine Heimann Brown  Pink   63

Lucile H. Blanchard  The Wager   72

Franz Weinschenk   “If Music Be the

Food of Love,  Play on”   90

Lissa Brown   Mom’s Graduation   103


Ann Gilligan Bond    At the Common Well   15

Finishing off the Weave   23

Steve Cushman   Difference Between Men &

   Women   40

 Whistle Wind   41

  Distant   42

  Orange   43

Tony Magistrale   Failure   44

In My Neighborhood   46

Bill Earls   The English Professor

 Reads to His Grandkids   57

The Lost Boys At The Library   58

Names on Shirts and Butts   59

  Everybody Watches Out for Luke   60

Pea Coat   61

Can’t Sign in the Dark   62

Sara Davis   Suffrage   69

 Christopher Buckley  Late Capitalism

—A Mid-Century View &Partial List   85

Holly Day   The New Reasoning in My House   100

 Hair Poem #1   101

Things Dumped Off at the Pound   102

Jacqueline Jules   Slave Poet   111

 The Privileged in Pavilion Seats   112

Fanny Brewster   The Derby   125

The Bridge   126

Someone’s Child   128

Michael Mark   Rescue   140






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