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Evening Street Review, NUMBER 18, Spring 2018

Issue: Number 19, Autumn 2018


BY THE FOUNDING EDITOR Occasional Notes: Where We Are 6

Neglected Help: Another Revaluation of all Values 153

Cover: quilt by Ann Grigsby Misiolek

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, James De Monte, Kailen Nourse, Aaron Stypes, Patti Sullivan, Anthony Mohr

Contributors: 159


JACK ANDERSON The Melancholy of a Brown  Paper Bag 9

ANTHONY MAIZE Bosco Jones 25

BARBARA BAER Voting Dark 49


DAVID PRATT Look What We Have to Work With 74


DAVID GOLDSTEIN Why a Crazy Person Walks in

 and Starts Shooting 99

VALERIE STAUFFER Twists and Turns 116

GAY BAINES Pepperlegs 124

RICK GEORGE A Jailer in his Cell 135


BETTY J. SAYLES The “80” 16

PHILIP R HARRISON The Life and Times of a

Male  Childminder 20

JOHN BALLANTINE The Wheel Turns 66

CHRISTINE HOLMSTROM Why Must Jarvis Masters Die? 110

CYNDY MUSCATEL The Second Diagnosis 142


DANA STAMPS, II Highbrow Piano 11

 On the Balcony 12

 King 13

 Just Zen Time 14

 In Lucifer We Trust 15

CLS FERGUSON The Morning After in Orlando 18

 One Summer All of the Dishers Were Deported 19

TIM GAVIN Dominoes 24

RICHARD LUFTIG How to Write a Poem 47

DENNIS CASWELL New York Movie 57

CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY So Long Bernie Sanders: Dispatch

 from Where the Clouds Leave Off 61

 Nell Campbell’s Photograph:  Fidel Billboard, 2002 63


 Peach Tree, September 70

 When I Was a Boy 71

 Stairs 72

 In Winter 73

KEVIN MCCOY borrowed dog 81

LISA J. CALORO Vision 98

MARK TRECHOCK Dream Watch 108

 Hard Work 109

MADELYN CAMRUD Water Familiar 114

 Home after the Walk 115

JOHN GREY Travails of the Trailer Park 122

LOWELL JAEGER Pumping Gas 134

JOAN EDDY Most Loyal Wounds 139

 Gray Matter 140

 Long-lined Lily 141

JEFF NESHEIM Swept Away 146

 At Work 147

 The Details Are Available 149

 The Mechanics of Aerodynamics 151






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