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Evening Street Review NUMBER 2, SPRING 2010

Issue: NUMBER 2, SPRING 2010


By the Editor Occasional Notes: “The Purse Seine” 6

Neglected Help: John Cowper Powys 139

Cover image: Mulberry Street in New York City 1900 (Detroit Publishing Co.)

Associate Editor: Jan Schmittauer

Contributors: 139


Adam Sturtevant In Your Dreams  45

Diane Lefer California Asparagus 72

R.E. Hayes Be White With Me 126


Mary Zelinka Riding a Hurricane 110


Paula Anne Yup Childhood 8

Natalia Barb Mamma 11

Myles Gordon Helen Kay Chapbook Prize: Recite Every Day 13

Peter Mladinic Privilege 59

Lianne Spidel The Common Stones He Saved 61

Lucia P. May Suffering is Suffering 62

Racist in Training, 1967 63

Martin Elwell My Sister’s Poems

Amnesia 65

Buttered Popcorn 67

My Aluminum Baseball Bat 68

House Arrest 69

Snipes 70

My Sister’s Face 71

Michael Salcman If a Young Man Should Die Alone 102

Jane Sadek Covered Ladies 103

Stephanie Silvia Old women knitting woolen scarves 117

Wanting so to crash the sky 118

b’klyn 119

Matthew Cariello    Stone Man Speaks

Stone Man Watches Fire 121

Stone Man Sleeps 121

Stone Man Wants a Mate 122

Stone Man Watches Snow 123

Stone Man Sees the Moon 123

Stone Man Listens 124



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