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Evening Street Review, NUMBER 24, Summer 2020

Issue: Number 24, Summer 2020


By the Editor Incarceration 6

James Doyle      Are You Kidding?   Inside front cover, 166,  and back cover

Cover art by Patti Sullivan

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, Kailen Nourse-Driscoll, Patti Sullivan, Anthony Mohr, L.D. Zane, Stacia Levy, Jeffrey Davis, Dana Stamps II

Contributors: 159


Jan Shoemaker    Through the Trees    22

Paul C Dalmas    Never Held a Basketball    37

Peter Breyer    Fifty-Two Years Later    74

Tim Menees    House Tour    134


Mike Cohen    The Hand in the Glove    11

Tessa Smith McGovern    For Better or for Worse    31

J F Connolly    Bayonne    50

Robert Granader    Curable    61

Elizabeth Standing Bear     Holly Patterson    85

Martha K Davis    Wild Kingdom    95

Hava Thompson Kohl-Riggs  What’s Eggs Got to Do with It    103

Glen Weissenberger  Stops along the Way    106

Lindsey Anderson    Acadia    120

William Thompson    The Book Finder    128

Phil Mershon    White Church    141

Tamra Wilson    Steve’s Ashes    154

Margaret Hermes    The Off-Season    157


James Fowler    Buddha Squirrels    7

The Twelve Labors of Hercules    7

Company Town    9

Stephen Boulhosa    Team Colors    19

Rude Awakening    21

Meredith Davies Hadaway October: the Week in Review    29

Vigil    29

Steven Beauchamp    Tybee Revisited    30

John Krumberger    Spilled Milk    32

Arthur Ginsberg     On a Perspective of Things    33

The Bones are Singing    34

Election    35

X-mas Heart-string    36

Zack Rogow    Getting Personal    47

To the Person Who had Me Ticketed for Blocking His Driveway    48

Holly Day    The Tree in Our Back Yard    49

Deborah Fleming    Chemistry Poem    59

Prophet    60

Aaron Parker    Live A Cide    61

Hiromi Yoshida     TV Dinner    72

Jean Varda    Drops of Mercy    73

Alexander Payne Morgan  Bistro Savannah    79

Bus Station Prayer    80

Persistence    81

Ode to Blueberries    83



Brad G Garber    Dash Naked    93

Great American    94

Will Walker    Constitutional    101

David James    Ars Poetica: Kroger’s on Grand River    102

Edward Rielly    A Departure    105

Iain Macdonald    Burn Your Journal    106

Steven Pelcman    On the Tenth Anniversary of a

Husband’s Death    118

Neighbors    119

Susan Tollefson    Alloy Prayer    127

W Luther Jett    The Busboy    127

Elizabeth Weir    Intermission at Lee Blessing’s,

“Going to St. Ives”    132

At San Francisco Airport    132

Elaine Cohen    You Can’t Go Home Again    133

Michael Minassian    Compassion’s Carriage    138

How to Write a Poem    139

John Grey    Regarding my Time Spent in the Choir    140

Paula Yup    Milk Bottle    152

Cinco de Mayo    153

Alison Stone    Friends are Starting to do Stuff to their Faces    156







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