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Evening Street Review, NUMBER 25, Autumn 2020

Issue: Number 25, Autumn 2020


Occasional Notes: Where We Are   6

Note to the future: All of the following works were written before 2020

Cover photo by Taisia Eltsina

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, Kailen Nourse-Driscoll, Patti Sullivan, Anthony Mohr, L.D. Zane, Stacia Levy, Jeffrey Davis, Dana Stamps II, Clela Reed

Contributors: 171


J N Pratley   Death Notes   14

Jared Carlson   The Guilt between Love and Wealth   24

Chris Cleary   New Clothes   42

Richard Spilman   Like Gentlemen   50

David Alan Goldstein     What Happened to Ace?   59

Bruce Kamei   Giri      74

David Rogers   Emergency Exit   88

Alan Gartenhaus   The Winter Chill   101

Bonnie E Carlson   No Good Deed   117

Charles R Vermilyea Jr   “The Sprite”   129

Ann Fowler   Tomorrow Morning   133

Bill Weatherford   Someday   147

Patrick Shattuck   Frog Fight   155


Tamara Catto   Hometown   7

Gary Steciuk   Mary’s Cry   36

Clem Vahe   Freedom’s Ring is Still Out of Tune   68

Marjorie Pryse   Class Matters   105

Matthew Feeney   Hateful Stereotypes   142


Julia Nunnally Duncan   Remnants   12

         The Accident   13

         True Romance   13

Charles Oberkehr        Proof   21

Robert Funderburk   Minnie Lee   23

Dana Robbins   November 1963 Crying

      in the Television Glow   33

Bonnie Larson Staiger      The Rabbit   34

Michael Macklin O’Mara    The Irish Goodbye   40

Jennifer Lagier   Divestment   41

James Scruton   Inside Voice   42

Norman Klein   Soulspring   48

Marilyn Westfall   Of Those Labeled Ancestors   49

Marian St Onge   Lucky Break   58

Peter Hoheisel   Rediscovered Fish   59

David Alan Goldstein   Treasures   67

Sean L Corbin   Driving Home from a Funeral   68

Pama Lee Bennett   Timing   72

Peter Obourn   Fallen Angels   73

Gaylord Brewer   Prayer to the Sky Over Juneau Airport,

      Grounded for Two Days   87

Ronald Moran   Comforted by the Familiar   88

G H Mosson   Harvard Yard Vignette   98

      Viewing Henry Moore’s Seated Woman   100

Mike Wilson   November 2, 2018   100

Peter David Goodwin    For the Birds   104

           Late!   104

Ruth Margolin Silin   She Spoke the words   113

Abigail Warren   Twenty-two Years   114

      Crepe Myrtle   116

Francis O’hare   Early One Morning   126

      The Risk   127

Cameron Morse   What Time Does   132

      You Never Know   132

Leland James   Sawgrass   139

Frank H Coons   Drop Down Poems  

      A Question of Balance   140

      The Feel of Paper   140

Matthew Feeney   Pax         145

Helena Lipstadt   Lichen   146

John Davis   Guitar Equinox   147

Bradford Middleton   The Hands of a Fighter (A life of Pain)   154

Tim Gavin   Divine Property XLIII: Wishbone?   155

Emily Lacey   A Tiny Heart   168

Rachel Tramonte   America   169




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