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Evening Street Review, NUMBER 30, Summer 2021

Issue: Number 30, Summer 2021


Neglected Help: IRENE O’GARDEN, The Great Compassion 167

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, Kailen Nourse-Driscoll, PattiSullivan, Anthony Mohr, L.D. Zane, Stacia Levy, Jeffrey Davis,Clela Reed, Matthew Mendoza, Matthew Spireng, Ace Boggess, Kristin Laurel, Jan Bowman

Contributors: 168


John S Leech  The Reception 32

Curtis Pierce  Neo Folk Rock Trio 42

Thomas Elson   On Her Third Step 54

Gordon A Graves  A Match Made in Heaven 57

Thomas Johnson  A Recollection of Youth 60

Caitlan Rossi  A Doll’s House 71

Loren Stephens  Mugwort and Madam Tamae 78

Sean J White  Lost and Found 87

At Your Convenience 90

Andrena Zawinski  Town Talk 101

Norbert Kovacs  The Azalea Bush 111

David James  Payday 122

Lydia Distefano Thiel  Something From An Old Movie 128

Terry Sanville  Crossing the Channel  131

Michael Washburn  The Impossible Event 143

Dawn(Cricket) Reynolds Pettit   The Highmore Circle 155


Paul Rousseau  A Momentary Encounter  13

Cynthia Yancey  Biking My Old Lady Blues Away 17

Judy Lev  Two Takes on the Kitchen Sink, 1951 93

Maria Choi  I Danced on Stars 103

Mollie Salamon  It’s a Tall Person’s World,   I’m Just Lookin’ Up At It 117


Cecil Morris  Negative Space  12

  Our Son Discovers He can Sink 13

Geo Staley  Mr. Moore 14

  A Few Words to the Newly Widowed 15

  If She’d Known King Lear 16

  What the Teacher Said …. 16

Michael Hettich  Afternoon Saunter 23

  The Lullaby 24

  In Some Other Lifetime   24

  Home 25

  Angel of Knowing 25

Samuel Mullikin  Home  31

  …Whole 31

Lauren Tess  Johnson’s Hardware 39

  Opossum 40

  And Long the Season 41

Dennis Ross  Shaman 50

  Restarting Time 51

  Yggdrasil 51

  Diving In 52

  Laughter 53

  Fly Fishing 54

Thomas Elson  The Divinity 56

Duane Anderson  Where Is My Chair? 60

Buff Whitman-Bradley  Forest Picnic 69

  A Thought of Great Significance 70



Fred Dale  Lime Was the Snake’s First Choice 76

  Corps of Discovery 76

Lisa J Sullivan  My Brother Named His Sons after Our Father 87

Thomas Feeny  Summer Storm 92

Betsy Martin  The Dinner Party 98

  Elements from the Periodic Table 99

Matthew Feeney  My Tree House 100

George Longenecker  Swans Swim at Dawn 102

Caroline Maun  Running From and To 103

Richard Robbins  Dedication 107

James Scruton  Twelve Months Same as Cash 107

  Sisyphus, Later 108

  Cave Paintings 109

  In Other Words 109

  Offering 110

Robert Rothman  Comes the Night 115

Robert Estes  Degrees of Disappearance 116

Carolyn Gregory  Sonar Singers 120

Adina Cassal   Unfinished 121

Jason Ryberg  The Sudden Appearance of Giusseppe, the Billy Goat 127

Marion Deutsche Cohen    The Colors of Everything 129

Anne Bower  Costumed Time 130

Joan Colby  The People without Homes 143

Joseph Hope  Digging Our Way Back to Eden 154

Mary Warren Foulk  Urban Evening 165

Elizabeth Brulé Farrell   Charity Carrots 166

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