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Evening Street Review NUMBER 32, Winter 2021

Issue: Number 32, Winter 2021


EDITORIAL COMMENT Occasional Notes: Peter Aronson “My Reckoning”        6

Neglected Help Matt  Inside front cover

Cover photo: “Snow on the Olentagy, 2010” Gordon Grigsby

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, Kailen Nourse-Driscoll, Patti Sullivan, Anthony Mohr, L.D. Zane, Stacia Levy, Jeffrey Davis, Clela Reed, Matthew Mendoza, Matthew Spireng, Ace Boggess, Kristin Laurel, Jan Bowman, Aaron Fischer

Contributors: 169


Cat Wyatt               Aloha Girl   24

James Brennan        Can’t Say No to You   37

Corey Lynn Fayman     Rambler Wagon   47

Bobby Cohen           Five Things   55

Kathleen Zamboni McCormick     Paying for College Before #metoo   64

Esta Fischer            Coffee   83

Russell Thayer       Combustion   97

Beth Escott Newcomer  Can These Bones Live?   109

Kim Farleigh           On Being Mad   115

Kathie Giorgio      Recipe   126

Karen Fayeth         The Violin, the Lion, and the Truth   141

Eleanor Lerman     Murmansk   146


Ruth Kavanagh       Diagnosis Day & Tackling Cancer  “Head On”—Pun Intended    31

Marie G Coleman       What Kind Am I?   51

Johnny L Wooten & Richard Vasquez       What to do with the Lost Boy of the Barrio    76

Jan Shoemaker       The Difference    122

Galina Chernaya       The Court of the People    160


Mirana Comstock  The Frailty of Beauty   23

Elizabeth Weir      Migrant   30

On the Day the Pandemic was Declared   31

John Lambremont, Sr     In the Breeze   35

Thomas R Moore    Passing Through St. Petersburg   36

Gerald Yelle          How I Identify   45

Kevin D Norwood      Matins   46

Susan Johnson        City Trees   49

Boxes   50

Sacajawea Overheard Talking To Herself   50

Kimberly Lindemann   Grandma   52

Child of Bones   53

Doris Ferleger       I Hid It so You’ll Never Find It   54

Ed Wade                   “Dancin’ with my Baby”   62

Penelope Barnes Thompson     Getting It Right   74

Will You   74

What May Not Be Discarded   75

Vicki Mandell-King    Saving Grace   81

Rainbow Body   82

Lucia Haase             Wildflower Field   83

William Swarts       Semper Fidelis   96

Mitchell Untch      Essential   105

Seth Rosenbloom   Shooting Squad, 1941 Lithuania   113

Unto Our Renewal   114

Ellen Goldsmith   Edging   118

Echocardiogram   118

Not Knowing   119

JBMulligan             some faith in man   120

Carol Graser          The Adirondack Postcard   121

Mary Ann Noe        Pressed Linen   125

Heat   125

The Day the Sky Froze   126

Mark Simpson          Slide Hill   139

The O’Neill Dancers Are Dancing Today, March 17   140

Toward a Practical Life   141

George J Searles      Much Obliged, U.S. Gov’t Printing Office! You Guys are the Best!   144

Workplace from Hell   145

Anna Citrino          Sealed Up   158

Once, in the Basement   159

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