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Evening Street Review NUMBER 33, Spring 2022

Issue: Number 33, Spring 2022


EDITORIAL COMMENT Occasional Notes: Reproductive Justice        6

Cover photo: “Florida museum, 2011” Gordon Grigsby

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, Kailen Nourse-Driscoll, Patti Sullivan, Anthony Mohr, L.D. Zane, Stacia Levy, Jeffrey Davis, Clela Reed, Matthew Mendoza, Matthew Spireng, Ace Boggess, Kristin Laurel, Jan Bowman, Aaron Fischer

Contributors: 167


Jim De Marse            Walk in Snow      14

Anita G Gorman     Torvald the Tomte Meets Fred Astaire      26

Edwin Rivera-Arias     St. Agnes and Yazz Man are Killing the Blues      49

Rob Leone               Plan B      65

A D Nauman             People in Love      89

SJ MacLean              Over the Hedge      101

Judith Austen         Choice      128

David Alan Goldstein   I had a Dream      147

   Can’t We Just Love Each Other?      147


Chuck Kramer        The Death of My Mother      34

Ryan M Moser         Your Body Tells a Story      69

Renee C Winter      Who Cares?      76

Jill Dalton              I was a Cheerleader in Hitler’s Stadium      113

Bill Krakauer        August 6, 1942      121

Vicki Nyman            Household Saint      125

Daphne Vlachojannis A Congo Story Part 1      152

Galina Chernaya   The Court of the People Part 2      157



Bruce Spang            For the Taking      7

The Gathering      9

The Way Home      9

Joanne Durham      Reset      11

My Father, the Poet      11

Synagogue 1962      12

The Leap      13

Carpool Politics 1966      13

Dagmar Stansova  Poker Nose-Hair      21

Ramalacking Prairedox      23

Gale Acuff              Nobody wants to die and I’m alive      25

A D Winans              Poem for the Immigrants on the Corner of

Cesar Chaves Street in San Francisco      26

Childeric Maxy      Prison Senses      29

Poet or Prophet      31

Cara Losier Chanoine Junk Drawer      32

Handmaid      33

Stocking Feet      33

Steven Pelcman     On the Death of a Child      39

Princess      40

Matthew J Spireng   Two Birds      44

Pfc. Earl James Kroft      44

Ronald Vierling    Waiting for Tomorrow: A Libretto in Four Parts      45

Jan Ball                    Teamwork in Central Illinois       60

Robert Pfeiffer      Grownup Magic      61

The Heart Breaks Back      62

Joyce Meyers          Black Holes and Tree Swallows      63

An Atheist’s Morning Prayer      64

Joseph Zaccardi     Let Light Settle on Trees      66

Charles Grosel      Banality      67

Sharon Scholl        Ashes      68

Marilyn Westfall  A Lucky Place      71

Elena Lelia Radulescu  History Lesson      72

The Silverware      73

Evening Moment      74

After the Funeral      75

Nick Paccione         American Babble, 2020      79

Feeling a Departure at Terminal One      81

Blood: A Hybrid Story of Our Two Grandmothers      84

Linda, or Staten Island Service Station, 1977       86

Rosalind Kaliden One-Bird Woman      87

Gregg T Holliday After Work, After…      88

Grey Held               Poem Written by an Old Mailbox      97

Roy Bentley           Houdini      98

What Is This Thing Called Love      99

My Mother Remembers That She Was a High School Basketball Star      100

Rohan Sajnani        Her Beat      111

George Longenecker    Statues and Flags      112

Death Café      113

Brian Cronwall     Buick      119

William Heath        How It’s Done      121

Richard Parisio       The Hammer      124

Gerald Yelle          How Sweet It Is      126

Tom Laichas            Wyoming      126

Minnesota      127

Thomas R Moore    Chopin in Mali      143

Digging      144

William Snyder      Corridor in the Asylum      145

James T Stemmle     Screed      146

Dave Morrison       Prodigal      150


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