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Evening Street Review NUMBER 38, Summer 2023

Issue: Number 38, Summer 2023


EDITORIAL COMMENT Occasional Notes: Code Meshing inside front cover

Cover photos: “Monterosso” and “Sardinia Sunset” by Steven Pelcman

Associate Editors: Donna Spector, Kailen Nourse-Driscoll, Patti Sullivan, Anthony Mohr, L.D. Zane, Stacia Levy, Jeffrey Davis, Clela Reed, Matthew Mendoza, Matthew Spireng, Ace Boggess, Kristin Laurel, Jan Bowman, Joanne Durham

Contributors: 292


Thomas Mangan   The Causeway to Nowhere   9

Todd Easton Mills    Objective Chance   27

Sandeep Kumar Mishra    Dead Dreams   36

Andrea J Garland     Chicken Flu   47

George Longenecker    Never too Late   60

Douglas Curran   How to Tell a Joke with a Gun to Your Head   77

Anne Hosansky   The Tennis Player   83

Russ Doherty   The Rope-Nest   93

Rayne Ayers-Debski    Medic   105

Lenore Hirsch  Luck on Orchard Avenue   112

Lenny Levine  Compromising Position   121

SJ MacLean  Over the Hedge   131

Bethany Bruno   Laying Fallow   144

Sean Burke  Running the Pit   184

Beth Escott Newcomer    The Turd under the Piano   202

Joe Sumrall  The Importance of Eye Color   220

Shauna Checkley   Cat Scratch Lotto Fever   247

Grace Glass  The Protest   256

Eugene Radice  Remembering the Future  275


Vivian Lawry  The Old Home Place   20

George Longenecker   License Plates and Prisoners   71

Louise Turan   Two Diaries, One Wish   158

Pat Murphy McClelland    Happening Female   168

SW Gordon   A Curly Tale   176

Lauren Smith   To Boldly Go, Together   213

Ryan M Moser   Losing the Power to Choose   233

Barbara A Rouillard   From My Barbara*   238

Ingrid Blaufarb Hughes    My Grandmother’s Stories   264



Susan Johnson  Queen   8

The Wood Splitter   8

Tim Louis Macaluso     The Waitress   19

John Middlebrook    Haiku for Sky Songs   19

Tom Raithel  In Praise of Mud   20

Matthew J Spireng  Trust In   23

Brother, Made Up   24

Reading William Stafford while Waiting Overnight at O’Hare for a Connecting Flight   25

Paula Yup  I Don’t Know   26

Jack Granath  Allegiance to the Season   34

Vincent J Tomeo   Sight 9/24/21   35

Mark Rubin  Two Apples   35

Suzanne Ondrus   Flirting by or On Moto   42

Sean Bentley  Outbreak   44

Paula Goldman   Milkweed   46

Thomas R Moore   Ploughing   56

Mark Thalman   Teaching Greek and Roman Mythology to Seventh Graders   57

Retirement   58

George Longenecker   Zelienople, Pennsylvania   69

Confirm your identity   70

Devoid of Ideas   71

Miriam Aroner   As the Crow Dies   74

Am I My Sister’s Keeper?   75

RT Castleberry   A Benevolence of Constellations   76

Rikki Santer  Ode to the Candidate Commercials of Ohio’s Special 15th Congressional Seat Election   77

Michel Steven Krug    Societies   80

Jane Rosenberg LaForge   Second Life   81

Wayne Lee   Uncle October   82

William Derge  At Regents Park   89

The Good Doctor   90

Michael S Glaser   Mikey   91

White Gloves   92

Marion Deutsche Cohen    Statement: Not as Afraid as Lawrence O’Donnell   101

Statement: I Was Brought up to be Perfect   102

Statement: The Layers of Love   103

Social Life, Spring 2022   104

“Write What You Know”   104

Mirana Comstock  Thin Ice   107

Moment   108

Deborah H Doolittle   I Pour the Cream   108

That’s Icarus Drowning   109

Seamus Heaney Remembers the Bogwort of His Youth   110

Seamus Heaney on the Names of Harebells   111

St. Francis Preaches to the Birds   112

Jill Veader  A beam of light is shining on your face   118

Joe Oppenheimer  The Gift   119

John Tustin  I Meet Li Po Deep in the Milky Way   120

Robert Coles  The Epitaph   128

Laura Celise Lippman  `Double-Decker Death   128

Seasons of the Lake   129

Michael Ansara  The Wisdom of Eels   130

Steven Dee Kish  I Got an Education   141

Rodger LeGrand  Zombified   143

Ron Gaskill  One Who Wondered   144

Stephen Bridge  Two   154

Scott T Hutchison    Sideshow   155

Laura Grace Weldon   Heirlooms   157

Dining Room Chair on I-271’s Median   157

Bart Sutter  San Vicente Creek   162

Welcome to the Desert   164

In the Datil Mountains   166

James Kangas   Rangoon   167

Charles H Johnson   Language   171

Unsettlers   172

Lost Cause   173

The Lost Generations   173

On the Road   174

Bull’s-Eye   175

Jim Tilley  Someone’s God Somewhere   180

Steven Pelcman   My Father’s Chair   181

The Last Year   182

Lynore Gause Banchoff    Saving Life   194

What Water Can Do   195

Girls in Waiting   197

Passing Parade   199

Linda K Miller  Payback   201

Joan Canby  Waiting   209

Joyce Meyers   Errata   209

The joy of grapefruit on a rainy morning   211

Fermentation   211

Allison Collins  Love Ya, Hon   216

Rodney Torreson   Each Tree-top Hooding the Grove   218

Behind the Davenport and Chair at Cliff and Gwenie’s   219

Marjorie Power  23rd & Syracuse   227

When Evenings Pass as Unseen Immaculate Ships   228

Dan Sicoli  man with no chin   229

incompletion   231

Jane Barrett Ross   The Black Dog   233

Dianne Nelson Oberhansly    Deep Inside   235

Regarding My Friendship with Georgia O’Keefe   236

Untitled #76   236

Brett Salsbury  Sleeping Lion   237

The Downtowner   238

Brian C Billings   Barnum’s Crackers: Out of the Box?   243

An Ode to William Banting, the Original Low-Carb Guru   245

Derek Lake Berghuis   No Dessert but Thank You   246

Daniel Lusk  Parables   251

Moshu among the Cars   252

Elizabeth Weir  Francesca Da Rimini   254

Coal Delivery   255

Nightfall   255

Gayl Teller  Final Clearing   261

Ron Riekki  Jesus   262

The Funeral   262

When I Say I’m Sámi-American   263

Three Blind Mice   264

Gaylord Brewer   Snake   271

Autumnal Notebook   272

October of That Year   273

The Balance Owed   274

Mark Belair  The Reading Room   274

Susan Dyer  The Reckoning   291

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