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Evening Street Review NUMBER 4, Spring 2011

Issue: Number 4, Spring 2011


By the Editor Occasional Notes: Minority Rule  The Reality of American Democracy 6
Neglected Help: Fresh Air 162

Cover photo: Islesboro, Maine, 2002

Associate Editors: Jan Schmittauer, Matthew M Cariello, Donna Spector

Contributors: 167


Pierrino Mascarino      That Storm Blew the First Mate’s Pants Off   11

Robert Flanagan   Original Sin   28

Florence Reiss Kraut  A Hard Place for Soft Women   42

Peter Basson     Ruin   60

Sheila Thorne   Waking    74

Edward Belfar   The Doctor’s Wife   92

Kathie Giorgio   There But for Grace   121

Pierrino Mascarino      The Drunken Flamingo   148


Randall Horton   The Silent Dialogue   69

Julie Garrison   The Liberated Woman   87

Byron Edgington   What They Don’t Tell You About Returning to College at 62    108

Milan Bhandari   Search Party   130


Michael Salcman       “1942, A Calendar”   24

   “1944”   142

Carol Baldwin      Evil   39

Barry Spacks   Portrait, with Riffs From Post-  

      Einsteinian Physics 40

Vincent J. Tomeo   Strange Things Are Happening   41

Diane Kendig   Taking the Cure   52         

Sauci Churchill   Grooves Along the Wall   54

Jerry Roscoe   Cut-offs   55

George Staley   Any Friday   56

   Photo at 19   57

Larry Crist   Chickens   58

   Sheep   59


M. Nicholson Letter from the Battlefield 68

Paul Hostovsky   Multi-Purpose Room   72

Robert Lunday   Perseids   73

Santiago del Dardano Turann The Electronic Imperial

      Ottoman Empire   90

Dennis Trudel    Snowpants   91

Daniel J. Langton    XXXIX   104

Tom Jonas   Relative   105

Eileen Russell   Channeling the Patriarch   106

Molly Power   Sea Turtle Hunting   119

Elayne Clift   Dust Balls under the Bed   120

Steven Riel   Phyllis Fromme   128

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