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Evening Street Review NUMBER 5, Autumn 2011

Issue: Number 5 Autumn 2011


By the Editor Occasional Notes: Memorial 6

Neglected Help“what has occurred, what has failed to occur?” 158

Cover: North Cascade Mountains, WA; small city, OH

Associate Editors: Jan Schmittauer, Matthew M Cariello, Donna Spector

Contributors: 160


Anne Hosansky  Coffee  24

Timothy Boudreau  Dying  32

Lawrence F. Farrar  “Tyranny of the Skirt”  41

Karen Regen-Tuero  Whatever the Risk  58

Geoffrey Clark  Hunters  78

Joe Benevento  Dry Flies For Joselito  99

Maura Stanton   Richard Cory  127

Craig Rondione  “Six Seconds”  141


Tom Weller Of Elephant Fireballs, Strong Medicine, and the Possibility of Impossible Things  10

Margaret Garcia Brandy and Me  72

Pamela Laskin Elixirs  89

Amanda Adams  As Old as My Mother  92

Howard Wolf  An Awkward Age (1950’s): Atom and Eve  109

Anna Moore    Iowa Children  118


Ronald Moran  End Zone  19

Meridith Devney  Newlyweds  21

Porcelain Doll  23

Ace Boggess  The Poker Players  30

Kristin Laurel  Love Sick  31

Helen Tzagoloff  A Woman Bathing by   Rembrandt  36

Dining Out  37

Algiers, 1938  38

Changming Yuan  Partner Perspective  39

Dianne Silvestri  Motorists  40

Helen Carson  Legacy  56

Brent Christianson  Man Expectant  57

Jess Provencio  pink triangle  68

ruega por me  69

Trina Gaynon  L’khah Dodi  70

Sweet Contamination  71

Susan Waters  Coldest Night  76

The First Wife  77

Brian Fanelli  How I Remember Her  91

Judith Sornberger  By the Time I Got to California  98

Cynthia Belmont  Baby-sitting the Neurosurgeon’s Girls 106

The Mystifying Oracle  108

James Haines  Love in the Way Things Work  113

Sheryl Nelms  Like Lace Curtains  114

Her Suicide Attempt  116

His Suicide Attempt  117

John Stanizzi  Heroine  124

Gary Hanna  Alzheimer’s Beginning  126

A. D. Winans Saturday Night Special 138

Woman on the Balcony  139

Sharon Deevey  Father  140

Michael Cleary  Prayer  150

Andrea Bates    Dorothea Lange’s White Angel

Breadline (1933)  151

No One Gets Out of Jail Free  152

Love’s First Experiment  154

The Missing  155

James Connolly  Middleweight  156

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