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Evening Street Review NUMBER 6, SPRING 2012

Issue: Number 6, Spring 2012


By the Editor Occasional Notes: Where We Are 6

Neglected Help: Another Revaluation of All Values  161

Cover: Courage. Some women and some men in Pakistan remembering the death by assassination of the first woman prime minister of a Muslim country, Benazir Bhutto, 12/27/2007. Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, 12/27/2011. Behind them, ruins in the city of Hamburg, Germany, from Allied bombing, 1944

Associate Editors: Jan Schmittauer, Donna Spector, Steve Abbott

Contributors: 167


Roy Haymond  The Smoker  33

Strohn Woodard  Father among the Dogs  61

Sharon Mauldin Reynolds  The Wishing Part   82

Edmund DeSantis  Johnny My Love  112

Leslie Rapparlie  I’ll Meet You at the Rodeo  136


Julian Markels  Coming of Age as an American Soldier: Buchenwald  Concentration Camp, 1945  9

Kate McCahill  Siren  49

Amy Collini  Down River  72

Larry Crist  Imagine & Forget  97

Laurelyn Whitt   Penance  134

Jenny Krueger  The Housewife: A Job Description  155



Lianne Spidel  End Zone  31

Avery Colt  Dystrophy in a Time of War  45

Kaye Bache-Snyder  Back Tracking  46

Nancy Dobson  Cow’s Diamond  59

Gale Acuff  Glutton   68

Miriam Sagan  Opera   75

Peter Weltner  Coming of Age in Manhattan

The Cloisters  77

Kismet on Broadway  78

James Dean Walking in the Rain, Times Square  79

After West Side Story  80

Daliʼs Crucifixion, Metropolitan Museum of Art  81

Francine Witte  Atlantic City Boardwalk, 1949  96

Gary Metras  #4729 Silver Diadem with Dentilated Border  94

Rosemary Volz  Desperate Housewives 60’s  107

St. Uncumber  108

Scott Ruescher  At Mass. Ave. and Tremont Street in 1976  110

John Grey  This Age of Options  130

Shelley Savren  Ohio State After 37 Years  132

Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame   133

Sarah Brown Weitzman  The Magdalene Laundries  149

Carnival. 1949  153

Jacob Brown  My Passing Train  156

Stanley Nelson  JC Ode  157

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