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Evening Street Review NUMBER 7, Autumn 2012

Issue: Number 7, Autumn 2012


By the Editor Occasional Notes: Toward Freedom 6

Neglected Help: Watch 1807, Keaton 1924 40

Cover photo: Seoul, South Korea. 1960: 3 million; 2000: 10 million. (National Geographic, Leon Chew. December 2011)

Associate Editors: Jan Schmittauer, Donna Spector, Steve Abbott

Contributors: 141


Charles Rafferty    Souderville  29

Betsy Taylor    Retirement Community  49

Scott David    I Am Bill Buckner  74

Donald Dewey    Still Life  105


Diane Mierzwik    Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Big House: Women in Prison  10

Paul Dalmas    Budapest Rainbow  34

Susan Hodara    When It Was Time  68

Jean Colgan Gould      The Interview  85

Patty Somlo    If She Were Here Now  91

Mary Zelinka    There Must be a Million Stars  127


Cynthia M. Sheward    Dusting  32

    Knowing the Light  33

Kenneth Pobo  A Gay Doll House  41

   Had I Followed the Test Results  42

    Me Starring in The Flying Nun  43

    But  44

    Sometimes Loneliness Can’t be Cured  45

    Not Quite a Sixties Love Song  46

    While the Roofer  47

Dennis Saleh    Little Blight  48

Shirley J. Brewer    Wild Bill’s Wife  64

James Connolly    Shaving  66

Patsy Anne Bickerstaff   Poems from Bumper Stickers


     TRY TO KEEP UP  72





Michael Salcman    The Copper Penny  82

Joshua Emanuel    Postmarks  84

Catherine Norr    Shop Talk  89

Paula Yup    In Maui I Figure it Out  90

Ruth D. Handel         Tugboat Warriors

       Tugboat Warriors  96

      What She Stood For  97

      Newborn  98

      Silence Like Amber  99

      War  100

     Letters 1924 – 1931  101

      Brooklyn Navy Yard  103

Sheryl L. Nelms    Paregoric: Tincture of Opium  123

Kate Hutchinson    O’Hare 1, 1975  124

    O’Hare 2, 1975  125


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