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Free Range Kids by Peggy Trojan

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Free Range Kids $10 + $3 shipping

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Co-Winner 2017 Helen Kay Chapbook Prize

Free Range Kids ​by Peggy Trojan

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Young readers will be introduced to childhood without video games or cell phones, while seniors – especially those from small towns – will revel in memories of chores and the many ways children entertained themselves. The collection is as tasty as the potatoes retrieved from a charcoal fire after sledding in the snow – Wilda Morris, Editor, Wilda Morris Poetry Challenge



Home Front by Peggy Trojan

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Peggy Trojan was there on the Home Front, an eight to twelve year old girl from northwest Wisconsin as “the world was burning” (“Winter Hill 1943”)  thousands  of  miles  away.    We  see  through  her  eyes  as  she witnesses  “the  heroes  at  home”  (“Home  Front”),  the  rationing  and  the tragedy  of  neighbors  switching  the  Blue  Star  for  the  Gold  Star  in  the window.  These are poems of great tenderness and simplicity, powerfully remembered…  “the  girls  played  house  and  the  boys  played war” (“Playtime”). —Bruce Dethlefsen Wisconsin Poet Laureate (2011-2012) author of Small Talk, Little Eagle Press

Peggy  Trojan’s  poetry  is  straightforward  and  focused,  yet  lyrical  and poignant. Through clean images and sharp details, she takes us to a time when  war  was  a  daily  reality.  This  book  is  both  a  poetic  and  historical treasure. —Jan Chronister Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College author of Target Practice, Parallel Press

What  a  pleasure  this  collection  is!    Clear-eyed  and  perceptive,  these narrative poems in Homefront by Peggy Trojan tell the story of a child in small Midwestern town during World WWII: the music, the girls playing jacks, the buttons on underwear, the ration books, the small town general store, and “for the first time/ questioning if man was kind.” It’s a chronicle of the war effort, and readers will be delighted with the sharp images of growing  up,  the  privations  and  pleasures,  the  interesting  portraits  of people, and the news dispatches of the war and Holocaust seen through the eyes  of  a  child.  Every  poem  is  necessary  to  this  collection,  and  each captures a time and a place, returning to us the stories and strengths of our parents and grandparents. She paints with words, and her language is both plain-spoken  and  beautiful  and  full  of  pathos.  These  poems  are  lit  with love. —Sheila Packa Duluth Poet Laureate 2010-2012 author of Night Train Red Dust, Cloud Birds, and Echo & Lightning 

Read Home Front on Scribd

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