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Recite Every Day by Myles Gordon

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Winner of the 2009 Helen Kay Chapbook Poetry Prize
Recite Every Day by Myles Gordon

Cover photos: Charlotte Pitt Gordon (Myles’s mother) in the lower right corner taken in Poland circa 1930. Myles and mother circa 1965.

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Myles Gordon is a poet of exciting range. The tone and approach of his sonnets ranges from wry humor to abjection and consternation, exploring quite forcefully the intricacies of grief. He writes with authentic elegiac tenderness, and he explores the prosodic possibilities of the sonnet with special resourcefulness. – David Wojahn

This book, a stunning sequence of sonnets, explores the poet’s relation to his mother’s dying, and through it, a deeper relation to what it means to be human. A brilliant literary achievement! – Kathleen Spivack

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