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What Winter Means by Deena Linett

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Winner, Grassic Short Novel Prize 2016

What Winter Means by Deena Linett

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What Winter Means, Deena Linett’s third novel, brings five women of different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities together who have won prestigious fellowships to a fictive library outside Boston. As these very different women move through time and experience, each brings her complex history to surprising events in the present. With her marvelously supple prose, and fluid, almost musical structure, Linett’s richly layered descriptions of her characters give this short novel an impressive spaciousness. —K.C. Frederick, winner of the PEN/Winship Prize and five other novels.

What Winter Means presents the lives of five women, scholars and artists, their vocations, loves, and friendships, with insight and sympathy in a series of rich, compassionate stories. —Rose Moss, author of In Court (also in Spanish) and four other books.

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