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One Sleeve by Richard Carr
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Richard Carr’s brilliant fifth book, One Sleeve, collects all the resonating themes of his earlier work, turbocharges them, and demands that the reader, stripped of all pretense, illusion, and self-pity, face the human condition of our time. From these dark poems shine great beauty and a strange, tentative-yet-tough kindness, while simile and lyricism transform each poem into a mythology that is both frightening and comforting. – Nancy White, author of Sun, Moon, Salt and Detour

Carr’s narrator picks scabs off his philosophical wounds while his alter ego, ―One Sleeve,‖ attempts to make sense of a fractured universe. ―Irony is the new certainty,‖ declares Carr’s ambivalent speaker, caught between the physical sensations and philosophical problems of this world and the next. – David Hulm, Kirkwood Community College, Iowa City

The very first poem announces that Carr will not be playing by the rules. ―He thinks of himself in the third person / except sometimes when he talks. // I talk between people. / I aim for the space between passersby.‖ Breaking the rules allows the narrator to speak with/as a protean voice that makes him always multiple, inciting us—we passersby—into remaining, like One Sleeve, ―awake, counting beams of snowlight / hovering in the slats of the blinds.‖ – H. L. Hix, author of First Fire, Then Birds

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