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Evening Street Review, NUMBER 23, Spring 2020

Issue: Number 23, Spring 2020


By the Editor     Hope in Hard Times     6


Contributors: 158


Dean Scelec    Dear Life    7

Laura Bonazzoli    Fire and Ice    34

David Athey    More Than Enough    54

Larry Godwin    Blameless    61

Kevin Carey    Rain        68

Jonathan Ferrini    Superhighway    75

John White    Christmas Vision    86

Enzo Scavone    Leaving New York    107

Howard R Wolf    Under the Arc of War    115

Karen Frederick    Shangaree 1903    132

Forest Ormes    The Far Side of Redemption    142



C Graham Campbell    Death Valley Days    20

Thaddeus Rutkowski    Fender Bender    55

Scotte Burns    I’ll Melt with You    94

Joanne Furio    A Friendship in Three Jewelry Parties     98

R L Marstellar    In My Room    136

Leah Kuenzi    My Mother’s Breaking Heart    152


Joe Benevento    Promise of Rain    18

I Make My Father Some Hard-Boiled Eggs    19

George Longenecker    Shores of Lesvos    28

Flour Bakery & Café, Boston    29

Walls    30

Seasons of Coffee    31

Walk Off Weight    32

Where Animals Lie Down in the Forest    33

Andrew Hubbard    The Tugboat “Seychelles”    47

Nostalgia    49

 Wayne’s Rage    51

Gunilla Norris    Arguing with Pain    53

Paula Anne Yup    As an American Girl    57

Sixty-one    59

My Secret    59

When I was a Nanny    60

DONNA L EMERSON    On the Lakeshore Limited    61

Marianne Lyon    All About You    66

Felice AulL    Remainders    67

Steve Denehan    Never Ending Tiny Mirrors    73

Katherine Kroener    Seeing    74

Rustin Larson    Organic Lifestyle    79

Getting Nowhere    81

Bar Harbor    82

Temp    83

The Angry Irishman    84

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal     

    The Farmhands’ Complaint (What is Owed?)    92

Make Bread    93

Anele Rubin    The Green Perambulator    97

Buff Whitman-Bradley    Solo    101

Christopher Buckley    Kingdom Come    102

Beyond Question    104

Beatitude—for B P (British Petroleum)    105

Derek N Otsuji    Mochitsuki 2009    111

Charles Grosel    Sixties Catholic Schoolboy Flashback    113

Mark DeFoe    Near the Upscale Hotel, Near the Interstate    129

Up Early One Summer Morning    130

Robert Funderburk    Pilgrim  Pont du Hoc June 6, 1944    131

Richard Cecil    Bad News    133

The Reading    134

The Ladder of Love    135

Rodger LeGrand    Alone for the Commute    139

Judith H Montgomery    My Father Takes a Shower    139

Abide    140

Melinda Wilson    High School Bus Scene    151

Mark Belair    icons        155

Charles H Johnson The Time I Felt What My Mother Saw    156

The Time I Bounced Just Below the Clouds    156

The Time I Ate an Outdoor Rooftop Dinner    157

The Time I Couldn’t Keep Quiet    157



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